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  • $360 provides a year of private education for a child. Children receive tutoring and resources to attend school such as uniforms, books, fees, and supplies.

FACT: 1.5 million children in the Philippines do not go to school.

OBED’S FACT: of the 15 children at Obed’s, none of their family members have ever completed school past the 6th grade.

  • $50 provides a 50lb sack of rice to feed the Obed’s family for 1 week.

OBED’S FACT: We go through roughly 2,500 lbs of rice every year between our children, and our street feeding program.

  • $60 provides 3 nutritious meals & 2 snacks for a child for a month.

FACT: In the Philippines, 2 out of 10 or 19.9% of children are underweight, 3 out of 10 or 30.3% experience stunted growth due to malnourishment.

  • $200 ensures safe transportation for our children by covering gas and vehicle maintenance for a month.

FACT: Gas prices per 1 liter are 23% higher in the Philippines than the USA ($1.18 vs. $.96)


Donating by Cash or Check

All checks should be made out to:

Obed’s House

Cash and checks can be mailed to:

Obed’s House Ministries

PO Box 12

Clifton, Ohio 45316

*All donations are tax deductible.*

Donating Online

All donations are tax deductible.

For One Time Donations and Recurring Monthly Donations:

Please use your current Paypal account or create one and DONATE HERE.


Donating via PayPal Giving Fund will ensure Obed's receives the entirety of your donation and will not be charged fees.

To set up reoccurring payments directly from your bank, please call:


Donating Items

For drop-off:

455 Meadow Lane

Springfield, OH 45505

For shipping:

It costs $119 to ship a large box to the Philippines. When donating items please consider donating $5-$10 for this cost.


We conduct street feedings downtown by providing a nutritious meal to over 150 children. At the end of the night, we finish our feeding at the local public beach and gather a group of children from the area. We play games, sing, share a Bible story, and eat. The Obed’s kids take great pride and ownership in this activity. 

Want to be involved? Our weekly street feeding costs around $60. 

See how to donate.


Many of the kids who enter Obed’s House come with little to no clean, nice clothing. Obed’s is committed to teaching our children the importance of proper  proper dress. This is mainly made possible by the various donations that we receive throughout the year.  

Want to be involved? Obed's is in need of gently used children's clothing. Sizes youth small to adult small. This includes boys and girls shoes as well of all sizes. 

See how to donate items.


All of the children at Obed’s House receive a Christian education. We want the children to have the opportunity to obtain a Christian education free of charge that will result in them becoming mature, strong people of God, who will pour back into their communities. 

Want to get involved? It costs $350 a year to send a child to school. See how to donate.


Obed’s House has two campuses. Obed's Main which houses the male residents, and Balay Ni Irene (House of Peace) which houses the female residents. Each child is provided with everyday basic needs as well as a same gender caregiver. It is our desire for the children to live in an environment where they feel safe, loved, cared for, and understand their worth. 

Want to be involved? Our monthly operating cost is $7,000. 

See how to donate.


Obed’s House accepts all types of gently-used toys and games. Some of our favorites are legos, board games, and dolls.

Want to be involved?

See how to donate items.


Many of the kids who enter Obed’s House come with little knowledge of personal hygiene. Obed’s is committed to teaching our children the importance of taking care of one's body. Your donations are what make it possible for us to do this

Want to be involved? We accept gently used towels, bar soap, deodorant, toothbrushes & toothpaste, feminine pads, q-tips and razors. 

See how to donate items.

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