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A Special Letter from Toniette

Dear Obed's Family Supporters,

There were times I never left my village (barangay) for months at a time. Never did I think I would have the opportunity to leave my country! My nickname at Obed’s is Toniette I am 16 years old, I’m currently in grade 11. My younger sister and I have been living at Obed’s since 2015 I love history, music and instruments.

Me & my little sister

I started to play the drums when I was 9 years old and because I wanted to serve God at church. I love serving God using the talent that he gave me and recently I’ve been added as a praise and worship team member at our church. Our church is planning that the PAW team will take a missions trip going to Singapore over Christmas break. We will have the opportunity to visit a church and learn from and minister with them.

After practice with the Praise and Worship team!

Each member of the Praise and Worship team has to pay for their trip individually. The cost per person is 30,000 pesos ($575). I would like to ask your prayers that I would be able to raise this amount for the trip. Please also pray for me as I continue my studies this school year, for my father; his health and sustain his everyday needs. Lastly if you are able and interested in helping me to get to Singapore please contact Mommy Mer at Thank you for reading my letter. My brother’s and sister’s here at Obed’s pray for our supporter’s every day.

With Love,



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