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4 Ways You Can Help Obed’s House from the Comfort of Your Own Home!

4 Ways You Can Help Obed’s House from the Comfort of Your Own Home!

1. Share about Obed’s via your social media; Facebook, Instagram, or send an email to some friends. Tell your friends and family why you decided to become an Obed’s Champion and why you believe in our mission. You’d be surprised to find that many people want to give to organizations, but are weary that they might not be able to trust where their money is going, or just haven’t found an organization that aligns directly with their passions.

Here’s a great example for a quick post:

“I wanted to share with you all about an organization ____ and I are passionate about. Obed’s House is a 24/7 Residential care facility in the Philippines that cares for neglected children. They focus on providing a love family style atmosphere, basic needs, and education for every child under their care. If you’d like to know more or are interesting in getting involved, visit their website at or message me for more details.”

2. Pray for Obed’s with your family. One wonderful take away for my family during this Covid19 quarantine so far has been being able to spend more time together. Sure, it might be a little forced right now since we are being instructed by the government to stay home, but for us it has definitely drawn us closer. It’s allowed us to have deeper conversations and be able to share what’s on our hearts amidst the chaos. The children at Obed’s always have prayer needs but below are 2 specific ones that come to mind at the moment.

1. Decision Making- Like most teenagers in your life, the Obed’s teens go through similar tough things. Being a teen in todays world is hard. There is so much pressure to be a certain way; popular, dating, having the latest and greatest of everything. Pray God would grab hold of their hearts and help them see what matters most, which is a relationship with Him and loving their neighbors.

2. Quarantine- The 4 live in staff and 13 kids have all been quarantined to the house since March 14th. The President of the Philippines has cancelled school, non essential work, and placed a ban from leaving the house unless you have been given a house pass which only grants one person to leave for essential things. They have also implemented an 8pm curfew. Please pray for family unity, good behavior, and lots of fun to be had while they continue to stay in close quarters with one another until this crisis is over. Avery, Mia and I were supposed to leave the states on the 13th of March and arrive in the Philippines on the 15th. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 virus, our flights were cancelled and strict travel orders were enforced resulting in us staying in Ohio until the travel bans are lifted. Pray for us as a family as Avery starts working delivering packages for Amazon to bring in some income, and for our hearts as we are struggling not being able to get back to our life and routine in the Philippines.

3. Write the kids a letter or an email, or even have your little ones draw us a picture. Our address and email address are listed below:


Obed’s House Ministries

Purok 3, Lanton, Apopong

General Santos City, Philippines 9500

Email Address:

4. Display our Brochure. CLICK HERE to Print and then place this brochure on your fridge, coffee table, end table, desk or somewhere it might catch others attention. It’s a great way to share about Obed’s with lots of info packed inside. You might even find out new things about Obed’s that you weren’t aware of! If you need help downloading, or would like to receive a copy in the mail, please email me at

Saying a prayer for all of our supporters as I hit the publish button for this post. Praying for protection, safety, good health and lots of fruitful time spent with loved ones as we fight the Covid-19 virus together. Remember to show Christ's love to those who need to see it most during this difficult time.

Love Always,


Ps- Here's a pic of Mia just for fun! She's 15 months old now and starting to learn new words!! Her current favorites are "star" and "done!"


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