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14 Reasons Children are so LOVABLE this Valentine's Day!

They’re adorable. They’re often up to no good. And let’s face it — they make our hearts smile.

At Obed’s, we’re all about kids! This Valentine’s Day, we are reminded of the many ways children bring love to our lives … especially our own!

Here are 14 reasons Children are so LOVABLE this Valentine’s Day!

1. They get Excited.

You can see it in their movements and on their faces. What’s not to love? Children find excitement in ordinary things. A new pencil, a pancake for breakfast, everything is awesome!

2. They go with their Gut.

Not sure what they’re up to? Give them a minute and they’ll be sure to show you! I once had a son walk into my office with a homemade sling shot and a bird! Of course, he accidentally let it go and then things got very interesting…!

3. They’re full of Potential.

When you’re young, you truly believe you can be the world’s greatest artist, athlete, doctor or astronaut. It’s refreshing to hear what their little minds are dreaming of next.

4. They are Hopeful.

At Obed’s House, we believe that our children can change the world, and it all begins with us believing in them, and handing them the tools to achieve their dreams!

5. They’re not afraid to ask questions, ESPECIALLY, “Why?”

Kids challenge us. They cannot accept things to just be, they like to push the limits to better understand. We try our best not to respond with “because” but sometimes...

6. They give the greatest Hugs.

They really do. I’ve never met a hug I didn’t like, well except for the really sweaty ones when my boys come inside from playing. Actually, I still love those ones too!

7. They have infectious Giggles.

Laughing is fun because no two laughs are the same. There’s the snort, the he-haw, the snicker and the really unique one that makes everyone lose it. We do A LOT of laughing around here, especially being a household of silly boys.

8. They Make Friends easily.

“Do you want to play?” Boom! Instant friends. As adults, we have a much harder time forming new friendships quickly. Kids have this way about trusting someone until you prove they shouldn’t. We could take some ques from this kind of acceptance.

9. They know what’s Important.

Kids naturally know what's most important in life. They see and then they do. It’s so important that we set great examples of love for our kids to follow. Kids reap what we sow.

10. They Admit when they’re scared.

They don’t have to put on a show to look strong. They let you know when they need your help and aren’t afraid to accept it. They also are really good at scaring you, and then teasing you endlessly when you’re afraid!

11. They Accept compliments.

When you tell one of these boys that they’re handsome, they will definitely respond with “Yep, I am!” And watch out on a Sunday morning, you will always find them with extra gel in their hair, and their best shoes on, they know they look fly.

12. They March to the beat of their own drum.

Literally. These kids can make music and noise out of anything!

13. They Say what they mean.

They don’t hold back, shove their thoughts under a rug or bottle their feelings up. They’ve already said everything they’re thinking and then some. I think kids are more peaceful than we realize!

14. They’re Determined

In school, in a board game, picking a booger or dressing themselves. When they want something, they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. They will even yell “mom” 10 times to get your attention, and guess what? It works!

At Obed’s we believe that every child is exceptional, special, created in the image of God and destined for a greater purpose that we are all blessed to be a part of.


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