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10 Ways to Keep Kids Busy

It’s summer time at Obed’s! The kids are finishing up their last days of school and then schools out for the summer!!! It’s my goal to make this as enjoyable a summer as possible. It’s easy to get bored when you’re a teen and only allowed to watch tv at certain times of the day plus internet for only 2 hours a week, so.....

I’ve made a list of some fun activity/outing ideas for us to do, but we won’t be able to do them unless we have a little help since these expenses are beyond our normal budget 🙏🏼

1. Movies-$75

2. Hiking to Sanchez Peak- $100

3. McDonalds for dinner-$60

4. Arcade-$125

5. Beach-$65

6. Bowling-$30

7. Purchase snorkeling gear for beach or swimming-$40

8. Buy ice cream for after dinner-$15

9. Purchase ingredients to make slime-$20

10. Purchase inflatable pool-$30

Also if you can think of some activities that have been fun with your kids, let me know! I would love to hear them ♥️


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